War Memorial Building History


The club began negotiations in 1945 with the trustees of the Southern Methodist Church to purchase the building the Church had recently vacated. The building, constructed in 1868-69, occupies the front half of Lot 21 of Thomas Shepherd’s original town plat.


In 1947, the purchase of the Methodist Church building was finally completed at a cost of $7,000, and the building was renamed the “War Memorial Building” in recognition of those who had lost their lives during World War II.


The Club began making improvements to the War Memorial Building in 1948, adding a furnace, restrooms, and a kitchen.  From that time forward, the building has continued as a major venue for community meetings of all kinds.


In 1974, the Club launched a 3-year program to upgrade facilities at the War Memorial Building, including a new kitchen.


A fire damaged the upper floor of the War Memorial Building on January 15, 1975. The community responded with donations of money, labor, and materials to repair the damage.


In 1990, with about $45,000 in hand from a Capital Fund Drive, the Club undertook a series of building renovations that continued over the next several years. The renovations of the War Memorial Building included updating the kitchen and restrooms, an exterior facelift, painting, and electrical and plumbing work.


In 2003-2004, a lift and storage area were added to the War Memorial Building.