Rental Fees & Documents for Reserving the War Memorial Building

When determining the amount of time for your rental it is important to include setup and cleanup time in your total calculation of rental time. There should be no expectation of early access or delaying cleanup after the event. In the event that additional time is used, the applicable hourly rate will be deducted from the refundable security deposit.

Discounts are given for civic organizations and non-profit service clubs. Please contact the Rental Manager to determine eligibility. Discounts are applied after the standard rental rate is applied.

 Rental Fees

Rental Type Upstairs or Downstairs Both Kitchen Access
Weekdays (M-Th) 24 hr $40 hr or $300/day $80 hr or $500/day $75 per event day
Weekend & Holiday $50 hr or $400/day $90 hr or $750/day $75 per event day


  • Food Service (meals, receptions, etc…) requires a minimum 4 hour rental.
  • The charge for access or use of the kitchen is $75 per event day.
  • Full payment of all rental fees is due at the time of booking. Please review the CANCELLATION POLICY for the conditions under which these fees might not be refunded.
  • Additionally, a refundable security deposit of $150 is required for all users and all events. This deposit is fully refunded if the building has been properly used and cleaned (See User’s Checklist). An additional refundable security deposit of $100 and the Alcohol Addendum is required if alcohol is served.
  • Two separate payments are required to secure the reservation: one check or PayPal transaction for the total rental fee for use of the building, and one check for the one or two security deposit(s). A signed Rental Reservation Agreement and, if applicable, Alcohol Addendum must accompany deposit checks.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted UNLESS:
    1. A signed Alcohol Addendum LINK to the lease is submitted and approved; and
    2. An additional refundable security deposit of $100 is paid.
  • As part of its mission to provide community service, the SCC offers civic and non-profit organizations a discount from the published rate, upon written application to the SCC Board of Directors. The 501(c)3 number of the organization must be included in the application. If you believe your organization may qualify for a discounted rate, please discuss with the Rental Manager how to submit application.


To Pay Your Fees:

WMB Rental Fees
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WMB Rental Deposit – Security


WMB Rental Deposit – Alcohol


WMB Kitchen Fee – Per Day