Procedure for Renting the War Memorial Building

  • Check the online Rental Calendar. Determine if your desired date is available. Note that events are not posted on the calendar until SCC receives a signed rental agreement AND applicable payments.
  • Contact the Rental Manager using our Reservation Request Form or call 304-876-3323 and leave your name and phone number with the date and nature of your proposed event.
  • If a pending reservation has been received for the date you want, the Rental Manager will provide the other party with the opportunity to secure their reservation by paying the full amount of rent due or the date will be released.
  • Once you have agreed with the Rental Manager on a date and rate, print out the Rental Agreement, Alcohol Addendum (if applicable) and User Checklist.
  • Fill out, sign, and mail in the Agreement (and Addendum, if applicable) to:WMB Rentals
    P. O. Box 463
    Shepherdstown, WV 25443
  • The rental is not confirmed and entered on the calendar until the security deposit and rental fees have been received.
  • The Rental Manager will confirm your request and payments – preferably by email or phone.
  • Building Keys: Renters may pick up the building keys from the Rental Manager by prior arrangement.
  • Note that the Kitchen Access payment is necessary to obtain the key to the Kitchen where the sinks, water, and other facilities are located.  Even if your event does not require actual cooking we have to keep the kitchen locked and limit access for liability considerations.  Again, thank you for understanding.
  • Complete the User Checklist and return it to the Rental Manager in person or by mail. No deposits will be returned without a completed User Checklist.
  • NOTE: Cleanup is the responsibility of the renter. If necessary, the SCC reserves the right to deduct from the deposit such direct cleanup costs as charged by our cleaning service to make the WMB ready for the next event.  Thanks for your cooperation.