Spring 2012 Notes from the President

I am Tom Huddleston, the President of the Shepherdstown Community Club since January 2012. It has been an interesting and challenging four months and we have made good progress for the community and the Club.

I would like to introduce the Executive committee and other members of the Board of Directors. They are: Austin Porter, Vice Pres. ; Marit Davis, Treasurer ; Don Davis, Secretary. The others are: Howard Wachtel, Art Wineburg, Mark Shields, Vicky Thomas, Ruth McQuade, and Tom Keyrouze. I should note that this is an active, hard working and dedicated group of people.

When we changed the name for the Club as of January 2012, after many decades of being known as the Shepherdstown Mens Club, to the Shepherdstown Community Club, it has created and opportunity for us to re-brand the Club. By this I mean we now have a better chance to expand our reach to other communities in our general area. Places like Charles Town, Harpers Ferry, Martinsburg and other areas of Jefferson county, as well as Sharpesburg and Hagerstown in Washington county Md.

We are not and never been a Men’s club, nor a club for only residents of Shepherdstown, so by expanding our demographic reach, we hopefully will be able to attract new and younger people as members and offer some really interesting and diverse activities and programs, and get people into the community and volunteer spirit.

We can accomplish this in several ways; some of which is of course word of mouth and personal recruitment, advertising, and marketing our Club through our WEB site, which is a ready made vehicle for us to sell our club and benefits of membership. I have spoken with people who have good ideas for enhancing the WEB site and making us more appealing and exciting, especially with timely updates and comments on events and programs. We will continue to pursue these avenues.

In an effort to increase of revenue stream from rentals through our greatest asset, the WMB, we have embarked on an extensive clean-up and revitalization of the building. We began with a clear-out of the rear furnace room, and have scheduled floor refinishing of the upstairs ballroom, the two lobby’s and the stairs. This is scheduled for May 8-10, and May 21. Other things are planned and will be noted later. Our rental people have told us that potential renters are turned-off by the “dated look” or the WMB. These efforts will help increase our revenue.

We will continue to support and foster our community spirit and support the Shepherdstown 250 Years events and activities such as the Shepherdstown Street Fest on June 30 and July 1 with a variety of vendors at the WMB.

Our next big fund raiser event is the Back Alley Garden Tour and Tea on May 19 and 20. Mary Stanley has planned for 18 private gardens for this year and Bonnie Austin is handling the Tea again this year. A great event is planned so tell your friends and neighbors and volunteer if you can.

Reminders: The Labor Day community picnic in Sept. and the Book Sale in October.

That is all for now, and thanks for your support.

Tom Huddleston, President