Shepherdstown Community Club December 2019 Newsletter

Let’s just clear the air.  When Jefferson Parks and Rec announced a year ago, that they would no longer be able to maintain our park, our Board started to discuss solutions.  For any problem there is more than one answer.  After months of deliberation, a majority of the board had suggested that they leave the park closed until they had raised enough money to run the park for a period of five years in order to avoid having to fund raise annually to meet costs.  There was a precedent for this. Before Jefferson Parks and Rec had taken over maintenance fifteen years ago, the club had met that need with a combination of volunteers and fund raisers. When the Board presented their plan at the Annual Meeting on Nov. 13, several people, members, the public, and members of the towncouncil, voiced their concerns.  Some suggested that they would need to use the park to raise the money to run the parkand that closing the park would prevent some of the known revenue streams – as well as other potential income. Others suggested that there was a base of volunteers to mow the grass and perform other tasks that the Parks and Rec staff had performed.

As a result, four of our standing Board members that had supported the park closure have subsequently resigned their positions.  Losing team members is always challenging.  They performed many tasks for this club.  We thank to them for their service and want them to feel welcome at whateverfuture events they choose to attend.  

The park will remain open.  Indeed, several events are being planned for that venue.  We are also hoping to build a dog park near the old baseball field.  This will help to generate revenue by selling memberships to use the dog park. Other ideas are being researched to improve Morgan’s Grove Park. 

As an update – Volunteers have been coming forward.   One thing this group of volunteers has in common, they love our community.  They are willing to help in a variety of ways.

Past President:  ​Mike Austin​​ Historian, community liaison, book collector

President: ​Jennifer Wabnitz​​ 304-995-6689

Vice President: Jenny Haynes  ​​Jenny will also continue as the rental agent

Treasurer:​Karen Kinnett​​ local CPA, long term club member

Secretary:​Steve Wabnitz ​​He will also do the advertising and newsletter​

Membership:​Shannon Taylor  Retired scientist, organized, goal driven

Park:​​David Rosen​​ Town Council member,communication expert

BATT:   ​Christy Kessler ​Christy will also use her Forestry knowledge to help at MGP

(Back Alley Tea and Tour)

Partnership Development: Adam Shively   Adam is a local business owner, coach, school volunteer.

    David Foglesong  David and his family live near the park. He and his wife have recently retired from the Air Force.  They chose Shepherdstown as a nice place to raise their three children.

Program:​Russ Gann​​Russ works as computer programmer and for fun Disc Jockeys for parties, weddings and plays in a band.   He’s going to run the Christmas party 12/17

We have added new people.  We have added new goals….more information will be coming to you in the new year.  PLEASE feel free to call with questions.     Catch the WAVE !!

Shepherdstown Community Club mission statement is to enrich the quality of individual, family, and community life by providing a community center and a park where all ages can gather.  We also promote civic interest through various events.  We would like to hear from our members, what project they would like to work on.   We have the honor of maintaining the magnificent War Memorial Building and Morgan’s Grove Park.   

We host events such as the Victorian Tea Party and Annual Book Sales to fund these historic facilities.  The events turn out to be lots of fun too.  We need people to bake, we need book sale volunteers.   When you hear about an event, call the organizer and offer to help where you are able.   You’ll be glad you did.

Community Club Dinners: These monthly dinners are a fun way for the club members to socialize with one another, enjoy an interesting meal and learn about something happening in our community.   If you have a suggestion for a guest speaker, please call Russ Gann at 304-261-1122.

Many events happen at the War Memorial Building… did you know that two of our members host the first weekend craft sale?  The first weekend of every month local artists and crafters rent the lower floor of the WMB to sell their goods.   Treat yourself, drop by and see what they offer.

Upcoming events  

Sun. Dec. 15​Victorian Tea Party   1 – 4 pm   $12/ person   

Tues. Dec. 17thSCC Holiday Party, come have some fun!   6:30-9:00     $20 person   $15 /member

All are welcome.   Call Carol to make your reservation 304-283-9039

Thur. Dec. 26​ 3-7 pm Historic Churches of Shepherdstown

Tues. Jan 21​ Pot luck dinner at SCC  6:30-9 pm     

Future Fund Raisers

Sponsors​-If you know of a company that might benefit from partnering with us by getting some more advertising, meeting more customers etc… give Adam or David a call. 

Adam Shively  240-405-5575    David Foglesong  571-236-0866

Date TBD​ Blue Grass / Beer /  Bar-be-que at Morgan Grove    Enjoy a selection of live music and great food.  Bring a few friends to enjoy the event with!

May 16 /17​ Back Alley Tour & Tea   (BATT) LOTS ofvolunteers needed: garden docents, bakers, tea servers,  clean-up crew… what can you do? Call Christy at 609-425-6741

Happy Holidays.

Looking forward to sharing the exciting New Year!