Shepherdstown Community Club’s Victorian Birthday Tea – December 9th


Shepherdstown Community Club’s Victorian Birthday Tea

The Shepherdstown Community Club hosts a Victorian Birthday Tea on December 9th at the War Memorial Building in Shepherdstown. The event is a nod to the season and a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the War Memorial Building. The tea will feature Victorian treats and tea served in the beautiful vintage teacups donated by the people of Shepherdstown. All are invited to take a break from the holiday rush and enjoy the festivities any time from 1-4pm. Tickets are $10 at the door.


On the National Register of Historic Places, the WMB was built in 1868 by the Methodist Episcopal Church South when the Methodist congregation was divided during the Civil War. The building occupies a portion of Thomas Shepherd’s original town plat. The building served as a church for seventy years, until 1940 when the “North” and “South” Methodist congregations reunited and decided to sell the building. Purchased by the Men’s Club in 1947, it was renamed the War Memorial Building in tribute to veterans of World War II and reopened for use by the community. It has been in continual use ever since, hosting dinners, community events and forums, and serving as a venue for weddings, receptions and other functions. The Men’s Club became the Shepherdstown Community Club in 2011.