Ash Trees

The emerald ash borer threatens the magnificent grove of 85 Ash trees in Morgan’s Grove Park, including the third largest green ash tree in West Virginia. It was first discovered in Michigan in 2002, although it could have arrived as much as a decade earlier on pallets from its native China.
This beetle’s larvae feed on the inner bark of the tree, killing them in as little as two to three years unless the trees are treated. Having spread its devastation to 22 central and eastern states, our beautiful old trees in Morgan’s Grove Park are at risk as the infestation has already appeared in Cacapon State Park and the closer Altona Marsh near Charles Town.

The Shepherdstown Community Club, which owns the park, is committed to doing everything we can to save these precious trees, We are calling upon you for your help. In 2014 we began to SAVE THE ASH TREES with an initial certified treatment of the 85 trees in Morgan’s Grove Park by a licensed arborist to protect these treesfrom the deadly emerald ash borer.

Please join the Shepherdstown Community Club in protecting this local treasure by making your tax deductible contribution in any amount.

You can mail your donation to:
Shepherdstown Community Club
P.O. Box 463
Shepherdstown, WV 25443

Or donate using the PayPal donation button below:

Thank you to all who have donated thus far!


Donation Tribute Donor Name
1000 Henry Willard III
1000 Shepherdstown Shepherdstown Town Hall
500 Art Wineburg and Susan Brown Art Wineburg and Susan Brown
400 Marc and Judith Briod
400 Summerfest 2014 Sarah Poland and Chris Stroech
250 Bandit, Sparky, Duskie, Beatrice, Mary Madison, Bailey Joel and Rosamund Garner
250 In loving memory of Sarah Anitra Thomson, St. James School Class of 1985 R. Steele Michael.
200 Gretchen Meadows Anna Brammeier
200 David and Susie Howell David and Carolyn Howell
200 In Memory of Amy Williams David and Margaret Coe
200 Don and Marit Davis Don and Marit Davis
200 In Honor of Tobey Pierce and Anne Winter Edwinna Bernat and Dan Oravec
200 In Memory of Madeline Elizabth “Beth” Walsh Gary and Anna Walsh
200 Gavin and Patricia Perry
200 Howard M Wachtel and Marie Tyler-McGraw Howard Wachtel and Marie Tyler-McGraw
200 Carol Plautz Jeff Plautz
200 Grady Allen Jenny Allen
200 Mary Jo Conner Kathy Bilton
200 In honor of Hazel Hitt and Katharine Coykendall Marie Peine
200 Shepherdstown Volunteer Fire Department Ms. Caren Thompson
200 Mary Bell and Sandra Jenkins Sandra Jenkins
200 Shepherd University Nursery School Shepherd University Nursery School
200 In Memory Of Hollie, Luckie and Kerie Shirley and Tom Huddleston
200 Ellie and Carly Dickson Skip Adkins
200 In Memory of Desiree Shields Stephanie Shields
200 Stephen Skinner and Jeffrey Gustafson Stephen Skinner
200 In Memory of Clyde and Janet Gustafson Stephen Skinner and Jeffrey Gustafson
200 Tom and Sandra D’Onofrio
200 East Enders of Shepherdstown
200 Four Seasons Books
200 Mildred Smith and Dick Ashton
200 Potomac-Mecklenburg Garden Club