Morgan’s Grove Park

Morgan’s Grove Park is a 25 acre park owned by the Shepherdstown Community Club. The Club is responsible for the capital improvements and many of the operating expenses. It is currently operated under lease by the Jefferson County Department of Parks and Recreation. The Park is open to all during daylight hours for most of the year.

Located a short distance south of Shepherdstown, the Park is part of the Morgan’s Grove Historic District. Today, the Park is a popular spot for picnics, soccer leagues, and exercise area but the site has always played a role in the activities of Shepherdstown.

The Park includes a children’s playground, a professionally landscaped walking path, soccer fields, a volley ball court, a covered pavilion and kitchen, barbeque grills, playground equipment, and picnic tables.

We are most fortunate to have Morgan’s Grove Park available to us but it is expensive to maintain the walking trails and other features that make this place so special in our community. Any donations are gratefully received and put to good use. You may make a donation online –just click the the donate button below. We are a 501 c(3) non-profit company so your contribution may be tax- deductible.