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Membership Information

Welcome to the Shepherdstown Community Club – a group of great women and men from all over the region who regularly get together to maintain old friendships, forge new ones, and provide service to the community to help keep this region the dynamic and interesting place that we all love.

Here are a few reasons to join us and become a member of SCC.

Have Fun

Our traditional role is to provide a casual social club and meeting place. SCC members are invited to to gather in town for regular dinners, which are almost always followed by a free program that is open to the public.


SCC is involved in some of the signature events on the area’s cultural calendar. And every one of them takes a lot of planning and organization! The Club is always looking for people who want to pitch in.

Support The Community

SCC owns and maintains two vital facilities for the use and enjoyment of the entire Shepherdstown-area community:

provides a vital meeting space in the heart of Shepherdstown, and is the home for a plethora of great events – the Goose Route Dance Festival, American Conservation Film Festival, Friday Painters, Christmas Marketplace, Back Alley Tour and Tea, annual Book Sale, and many other meetings, classes, concerts and shows that contribute to the lively and dynamic atmosphere of Shepherdstown. Many of these proceedings are free and open to the public.

located just a mile south of town, is one of the only public parks in Jefferson County. Thousands of children use the Park year-round, exploring the wooded areas, playing soccer and volleyball, getting kites stuck in the trees, whooping it up in the playground, and doing what kids need to do to grow up healthy and strong. Folks come from all over the region to walk and run on the well-maintained fitness path. Church groups, neighbors, wedding parties, nonprofits, and other organizations regularly use the kitchen and dining pavilion. And everyone benefits from the preservation of this significant historic site and natural area – birthplace of the US Army and headwaters of Town Run.

So please come and join us!

To join or renew your SCC membership, choose how many people at the same address wish to be members. The cost is $20 for student membership, $35 for primary members, and $50 for a family membership at the same address. To pay your dues, we offer the option of sending in a check or paying online. If you wish to pay by check, please make it out to the Shepherdstown Community Club and send it to

Shepherdstown Community Club
P.O. Box 463
Shepherdstown, WV 25443

Or you can print and fill out a Membership Form (this is a “fillable” .pdf form) and return it by mail or email, or bring it to the next SCC event and hand it to one of SCC’s board members. You can also pick up blank membership forms at most of our events.