March Newsletter: Community Dinner, Back Alley Garden Tour, & SCC History


Community Dinner: April 21st

Join the Shepherdstown Community Club for dinner on Tuesday April 21 in the War Memorial Building (German & King streets in Shepherdstown) and a report from delegate Stephen Skinner (D – Jefferson, 67) about the recently concluded legislative session in Charleston.

The three course dinner ($20) starts at 6:30 with Delegate Skinner’s program starting at 8 and ending at 9.

RSVP preferred so we have a dinner count, by email to Toni Milbourne, or by phone 304-702-3026.


The Shepherdstown Community Club’s annual Back Alley Garden Tour & Tea will be held on Saturday-Sunday May 16 & 17.

Another Slice of SCC History

Founded in 1945, the SCC celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2015. Almost immediately after its founding, the Club began negotiations to purchase a recently vacated church at the corner of King & German built between 1868-69 by the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. The purchase was completed on December 15, 1947 and the structure was renamed the “War Memorial Building,” initially in recognition of those who lost their lives in World War II, but today stands in honor of all local veterans.

Starting in 1948 the Club began the first, of what is a never ending, project of renovation and improvement in the building. A furnace, rest rooms, and kitchen was initially added, then in 1974 another round (including the always necessary kitchen upgrades) unfortunately followed by a fire on the upper floor in January 1975. After recovery from this set back, the Club undertook a capital campaign in the late 1980s, which allowed it to start major renovations in the early 1990s. An elevator was installed in 2003-2004. In just the past three years more kitchen upgrades, new curtains, permanent art installations, new bathroom fixtures, floor refinishing, painting, reconfiguring of the hallways to allow better handling of coats, and on it goes.

Known in town for its high ceilings and large light- inviting windows, the Shepherdstown Community Club’s War Memorial Building has become a Shepherdstown icon, having hosted events over the nearly past seven decades as diverse as contra dancing, family reunions, SCC dinners, weddings, civic meetings, craft and art shows … to mention just a few.

The next time you visit stop and have a closer look inside now that you know something of the building’s history.