Latest tree plantings in Morgan’s Grove Park

Starting about 10 years ago, the Shepherdstown Community Club, which owns Morgan’s Grove Park, began a program to plant new trees in MGP so as to replenish the tree canopy and diversify its tree culture.

Some 150 trees were planted over several years along the Town Run, that has one of its origins in the park, in order to form a riparian buffer between the run and the surrounding land. For the past five years or more we have partnered with the Cacapon Institute’s Community Tree program and have planted probably another 60 trees. We figure the survival rate at 70% or better, and we replace trees that have not survived.

We also have two native chestnut trees planted from seeds saved from the pre-infected species to see if we can re-propagate this great American tree. Most significant, we have saved some 75 Green Ash Trees from the Emerald Ash Borer through two treatments in 2014 and 2016, with another treatment scheduled for Spring 2018.