Help Save our Ash Trees at Morgan’s Grove Park!

The emerald ash borer threatens the magnificent grove of 85 Ash trees in Morgan’s Grove Park, including the third largest green ash tree in West Virginia . It  was first discovered in Michigan in 2002, although it could have arrived as much as a decade earlier on pallets from its native China.

This beetle’s larvae feed on the inner bark of the tree, killing them in as little as two to three years unless the trees are treated. Having spread its devastation to 22 central and eastern states, our beautiful old trees in Morgan’s Grove Park are at risk as the infestation has already appeared in Cacapon State Park and the closer Altona Marsh near Charles Town.


The Shepherdstown Community Club, which owns the park, is committed to doing everything we can to save these precious trees, We are calling upon you for your help. In 2014 we will begin to SAVE THE ASH TREES with an initial certified treatment of the 85 trees in Morgan’s Grove Park by a licensed arborist to protect these treesfrom the deadly emerald ash borer.


This will cost the Club $17,000.


Please join the Shepherdstown Community Club in protecting this local treasure by making your tax deductible contribution  in any amount.


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You can  ADOPT A TREE for a donation of $200 and have an inscription you designate in recognition of helping to save the Ash Trees in Morgan’s Grove Park.




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With your donation of $200 to ADOPT A TREE please indicate how you would like the inscription.


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Please send your tax deductible donation to:


Shepherdstown Community Club


PO Box 463


Shepherdstown, WV 25443