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About US

The Shepherdstown Community Club was founded in 1945 to support the civic responsibilities of Shepherdstown and the surrounding towns and counties near Shepherdstown.

Our History

In 1947 the Club purchased the old Methodist Church, South (built in 1868, occupying Lot 21 of Thomas Shepherd’s original town plat) and renamed it the War Memorial Building in recognition of those who lost their lives serving our country.

In days past, the Club provided a lifeguard and necessary equipment at the town bathing beach on the Potomac River in 1945! It also held a tin-can drive in support of the World War II effort and initiated Halloween parties for local school children.

In 1990 the Club changed its by-laws to admit women, and in 1998 Maura Brackett became the first woman president of the Club. In 2012 the Shepherdstown Men’s Club changed its name to the Shepherdstown Community Club.

The present day Community Club has continued the tradition of helping its fellow citizens by opening a free school during the recent teacher strike, and raising money for furloughed federal employees. This morphed into “Shepherdstown Shares,” a community outreach effort in partnership with the Lions Club and the Visitors Center. In response to this, a food pantry sprung up as did private help for many who needed it. The Club has even reached beyond the town limits, and raised flood relief money for southern West Virginians.

Our Mission

The mission of The Shepherdstown Community Club is to enrich every aspect of the lives of our community members, young and old, by:

  • Providing a community center and a park where all ages can gather
  • Promoting civic interests with various events and outreach activities
  • Providing a forum for speakers on a variety of general interest subjects and community matters

In our six decades of community involvement, we’ve hosted everything from the Back Alley Tour & Tea to our Legendary Book Sale. We have given away thousands of books. We have raised thousands of dollars for Shepherdstown and other West Virginia causes. We are planting trees for the future. We are feeding those in need.

Every year we expand our community engagement.

Board of Directors


President – Jennifer Wabnitz
Vice President – Jennifer Haynes
Treasurer – Karen Hacker-Kinnett
Secretary – Steve Wabnitz
Membership – Shannon Taylor
BATT Chair – Christy Kessler
Book Sale – Mike Austin
Building – Kevin Struthers
Business Development – David Foglesong